20 July, 2011

Back to boring boring boringness.

Man, it's still hitting 110-115°F (43-46°C for you metric cunts) outside, I'm not going out there. I have workshop tonight, too, great.
And, no, today's post is hardly musically related. It's either I come up with an excuse for how I have nothing today or I tell you about that ample bint down at the liquor who keeps smiling at me even though I can't act on it because you don't shit where you eat.
I could tell you that Montana Wildhack is back here at the hostel.
I could tell you I made potato tacos last night.
I could tell you about the annoying German woman with the shitty email service and functionally retarded boyfriend who fucked up her reservation, insisted on cancelling, and then insisted on showing up five minutes after we opened and decided to just sit on our porch. Just sit there. Not, you know, say anything to anybody. Just walk right up to our porch and sit down. And stay sat. Until I opened the door - at which point she told her friend on the phone to hold on, apparently surprised that somebody was in the domicile she was technically (and only very minimally technically) trespassing on, and turned to face me - and I told her that check in didn't begin until one pm.
I could tell you about that stuff but I won't even though I just did.
But I could also post this and call it a day:
I'm going to go to StumbleUpon and see if there's any cool music news or anything.

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