26 June, 2011

There are things you should know before you come here.

You all know that I have a mad crush on Björk, right?

And that she just keeps stringing me along.
Check out the video she made with Spümcø for "I Miss You". If it looks oddly familiar, that's because Spümcø (and John K. in particular) were the brains behind Ren and Stimpy. And no. I am not linking to reference material for Ren and Stimpy. If you don't know Ren and Stimpy, you don't belong here. Fuck, if you don't know Björk, you don't belong here. Fuck it, you know what? There's a lot of shit you should know before you come here. So why don't you get yourself one of those computer-teaching-things like in The Fifth Element and... What? Nevermind. Watch the damned music video.

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