21 June, 2011

Yes, this is completely lame but you have to understand that I was completely bored.

Not a big deal, really, but Windows Movie Maker (which I had to reinstall for this project and am now uninstalling as I remember why I uninstalled it in the first place - it comes with some fucked up media bundle package thing with some "sharing" bullshit that fucks your CPU up the ass like the end of a certain movie I reviewed lately and am determined to not spoil for you so I will not mention which non-pornographic but still NSFW movie I'm talking about) kept telling me that "Legless Dancer" was corrupted or some bullshit. (WavePad, iTunes, the fact that I uploaded it to Bandcamp without a hitch, and right-clicking and selecting "Properties" all tell me Movie Maker is full of shit. So instead of fighting with a Windows Media product (like when I made the decision to jump from Media Player to iTunes because Media Player kept saying it was missing codecs that it wasn't to play file types that the files themselves were not), I just figured I would find a different song of equal length, in this instance being "Sweet Brown" and throwing it over the video. So frustrated was I with Movie Maker that I left the video footage unadorned, so there are no cool edits or star wipes or anything.
And this thing could use some star wipes.
Wow. Now that I think about it, that sounds like something Hollywood folk would buy to wipe their babies' bottoms.
And, of course, I left in that iconic scream.

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