29 June, 2011

What's for lunch, Charlie?

I'm glad you didn't actually ask that. Today I made a "tuna salad" quesadilla. Why is "tuna salad" in quotes? Because it's not a traditional tuna salad, ie: that shit with the mayonnaise.

Because fuck you, mayonnaise.
Before we begin, there are two things you have to admit to yourself if you didn't already know them:
  1. Tuna, even canned, is a very versatile fish and can be used in a variety of dishes. There are times when I've forgotten to get a pound of hamburger out to thaw to make a meat sauce for my spaghetti and I'l used chunk albacore instead.
  2. Oregano is an equally versatile herb or spice or whatever it's classified under and is found in all sorts of dishes.
Next, what we're going to do is not rely on the creaminess or whatever to come from the salad, it's going to come from the cheese. The salad is going to be, well, a salad. Look:
While I usually like to make my tuna salad with some tarragon, celery seed, and dill, I found that only dill matched my fresh cilantro and oregano. Tarragon clashed too harshly and celery seed didn't really fit. The ingredients, with the exclusion of the dill (and the tuna, of course) were more geared toward a sort of salsa base for our tuna. With that in mind, to compliment the cilantro, I added some lime juice.
For cheese, I selected munster which is a creamy, tangy cheese. I lay that in the tortilla before the tuna salad before folding the whole thing over and cooking it over medium heat to melt the cheese without burning the tortilla. Came out alright.

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