18 June, 2011

Remember how this is supposed to be a DIY home recording blog?

Otherwise titled, "I'm late today because I was recording."
It's been not even two weeks since Unrelenting Bombast and I'm already recording again. With New Steve out for Shabbos today, I was able to let the amps fly and... I suppose there's nothing really special about this session, pretty straightforward. Bass, drum program, guitar, and (the return of the) oscillator. As I briefly illustrated in this post, this composition relies on chorded bass lines, chiefly dyads. The first and third sections of the song use I-V (power chords) dyads where the second relies on I-III (major chords) and I-iii (minor chords) dyads. For the transition from the second to the third section, I struck upon the idea to drop the single note bass line and replicate it using the oscillator (which is, of course, monophonic).
Employing a Y-cable, I was able to feed the Moog's carrier oscillator into itself and into a guitar tuner at the same time so that I could have a visual display of the pitch I was hitting. Sure, I was playing it by ear, but it helped to get things tighter being able to see that I wasn't maybe ¼ step off. I tracked eight bars of that and used the middle four bars for the four bar transition as they were tightest and, upon aligning them in the DAW, I sharply faded out the bass and sharply faded in the oscillator, reversing things back around at the end of the four bar transition.
I tried recording the guitar fairly cleanly but it didn't gel right so, yeah, heavy assed distortion abounds in this one. As evidenced by the middle three songs on Century Gothic, I've been trying to move away from employing gobs of distortion lately. I feel that I've been so used to distortion over the years that it's affected my playing ability and I'm almost afraid that I'm hiding behind it. You have no idea how many takes I did for the first section of "Memphis, Egypt". Call it a crutch, call it a security blanket, call it whatever. I'm just saying that when playing simple guitar parts cleanly proves to be daunting, it's time to reconsider your playing habits. (Even if I am rather proud of Explorations in Low Fidelity.)
This song, though, required distortion so distortion there is on it, now. Even the sections I thought had to be played cleanly required distortion. It just needed to be this big loud noisy fuck off thing.
Lastly, on a bit of a sad note but it's only sad if you're a softy, otherwise, it's just nature being nature and there's nothing to be done about it, out of my four baby bunnies that I found in the backyard yesterday, one was drowned in the rabbit hole by the rain storm last night and the other one is missing, probably due to the neighbor's asshole cat. The other two, however, are out of the hole, eyes open, not playing, just exploring. Hopefully, there'll be no carcasses for me to pick up with a garden trowel tomorrow morning.

ADDENDUM: Yay! The third bunny is back!

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