29 June, 2011

Not Safe for Wednesday (Butt Week Edition)

According to Blogger's and Google's terms of whatsits, I can not directly link you to material of a pornographic nature. There's nothing that says that I have to deny the existence of pornographic material but I can't post or link to it here (which is supposed to be a DIY home recording blog anyway). But say I were to mention that there is perhaps a site where you can witness a man fucking himself in the ass. To completion. Say that I were able to point you in the general direction of said site and you, an adult, because we're all adults here, right, were to make an informed and rational decision regarding what you would do with said information. Say that I were to not even send you to the site but to Google and if Google were to display the website in their search results, well, hey... I'm absolved of all responsibility aren't I?
Because that's how things work, right?
And say that I didn't even come right out and say the search term that you should punch in. Say that it's somehow (not really all that) cleverly buried in this post.
Of course, if you were to go looking for it, that means you wanted to see a guy fuck himself in the ass.
And now? Puddin' belly.

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