30 June, 2011

Come on, you know you're going to bump this for the rest of the summer.

If ever anyone has ever conjured up a set of a criteria in which one had to be better than Prince, they surely have nothing on the Five Articles of Prince Bettering as introduced by Flairs.
I can dance better than Prince
I play bass better than Prince
I can eat more stuff than Prince
I make love longer than Prince
I can scream longer/louder than Prince
That's right, kids: Daddy Charlie's got a hangover. Yes, in the middle of the week. So I could either do my duty as a Minneapolitan and make a Prince reference (something every Minneapolitan is required to do twice a week; it's actually a law) or cop out even harder and do one of those damnable "classic posts".
Actually, looking back to last year reminds me that today is the last day of June (I can honestly never keep track of which months have thirty days and which months have thirty one days), so that means that I've doing this for nothing; I could have just closed out the month. Give me an hour, I'll have the month's stat sheet up.

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