30 May, 2011

Your Weekly Musician's Ad

Yessiree, my little illiterati, for the first time in weeks we have it whittled down to one ad.

Join or Start a Band (Lakeville, MN)

Date: 2011-05-28, 9:38PM CDT
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I am a lead guitar player who is not to proud to play rhythm. I'm a rhythm guitarist who is not too proud to admit when my feelings are hurt by statements like that. Harmonies are no problem. I have decent range and have even sang plenty of 'lead' in my life; but my voice is best suited in a supporting role for an 'actual' singer. I am looking for other musicians who have a love for music; want to play out around 2 weekends a month in the winters and 3 weekends in the summer months when the 'events' and 'street dances' are an option. You kind of - and by "kind of" I mean "really" - don't need to put those in quotation marks. Musicians who want to practice once a week and want to play danceable 'bar type rock music' made up of about Get out your calculators! twenty percent 70's, (Kiss/Aerosmith etc), twenty percent 80's (Journey /AC/DC/Cheap Trick/Jovi etc), twenty percent dance and novelty stuff (ala: Funky Music/Brick House/Superstitious etc), twenty percent heavy stuff (ala: Disturbed/Sevendust/Godsmack/Rage), twenty percent newer stuff (ala: Shinedown/Theory of a Deadman/Linkin Park/Breaking Benjamin/Papa Roach/Buck Cherry/Nickelback).

The most important thing is that you have a passion for your talent followed by a close second of having a desire to play songs accurately. I don't care about your love for money or your love for playing live (I love those things too) Uh, wait. Isn't the point of being in a band to play live? but what I really want to hear about is your love for music and all that it includes. (Practice, set up, building a show, etc. . .all of it) Ironically, Here we go. the money will probably end up better than most other bands, but people who worry about the money ruin the entire industry for me. I am looking for people who don't do it for any other reason beyond the satisfaction of being in the best band you have ever been in, being pushed to be the best musician you can be and putting out a 'product' Product? that you are proud of. Once again, we will be paid well, I own full production, so we won't have a lot of the overhead other bands have. Overhead?
Look. Drop the act. You're in it for the money. You're laying this whole 'passion' and 'motivation' thing on super fucking thick and that should tip motherfuckers off right there. But then you bandy about words like 'product' and 'overhead', that should be a dead giveaway.

If you are a singer, it would be a huge bonus if you played an instrument as well...guitar, keys - cowbell...whatever. Can we drop the fucking cowbell joke? It's eleven years old and has its own Wikipedia page.

I would like to be out playing ASAP, but I am not into half assing anything...so if it takes a year to get the right people and get the material sounding the way it needs to, then it takes a year. (It shouldn't take a year No, it shouldn't.)...but if it does...it does. I would rather do things right than fast. This is a LONG TERM kind of thing, so if you like to band hop, or have no idea what goes into 'building something worth building' Explain to me, oh sage one....please don't waste your time or mine.

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