28 May, 2011

Recent Love (Transatlantic Edition)

Pink City, Wrung
Here's the deal with Pink City: You can't listen to them on your shitty laptop speakers. I made the mistake of trying to break the monotony of the office by just blasting Wrung - if you can call it "blasting" - through my laptop and I wondered, How the fuck did these guys lose it between the last single and this one?
No, duh, they didn't lose it. I was just listening through shitty laptop speakers.
So, as I sat and listened through my proper Zenith Allegro 3000s, I was relieved to find out that Misters Martin and Healy - which now that I type that out loud makes them sound like a sixties comedy duo. "And now, The Martin and Healy Comedy Hour!"
There. There you go, guys. I just named your first goddamned full length. I would listen to the shit out of And Now The Martin and Healy Comedy Hour! by Pink City.
Where was I? Oh, right. I was relieved to find out that Misters Martin and Healy had not in fact lost it.
"Wrung" is dense as hell with plenty lying under the distorted, chaotic surface. Casual listeners and tourists will be smacked in the face with noise-on-drums. Actual fans of noise-rock not too far from the Unsane neighborhood will surely note that there's a fuck of a lot of music going on. There's no other way to put it; I know it sounds kind of dumb but fuck you. That's what's happening on this song. Where "Pitcher" sounded positively minimalist (albeit thick as hell), I'm having trouble keeping track of how many instruments are happening on "Wrung". Things cruise along on a Motorik beat at a pretty good clip and I have in my mind's cinema a pair of ex-cons driving through Death Valley, robbing gas stations and occasionally blowing shit up. These would be the kind of guys that would drive muscle cars and have ivory-handled Browning Hi-Powers with the thirteen round magazine, and one of the guys would name his gun Lucille and the other guy would name his Ol' Blue.
Oh, and one of them has a stripper girlfriend whose been kidnapped by the mafia because that's always the whole crux of one of those movies, right?
I will add, however, that on this one, I find the Monotron to be purely ornamental.
"I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry". Well. They touched my beloved Hank. So I had to hear how bad they fucked it up.
They didn't.
Not exactly the whole loud-quiet-loud grunge thing but Pink City is moving between quiet parts with vocals and big Hiroshima explosions of sludgy metal that'll remind you of the finer moments from Melvins' Lysol or even "Deep In the Woods" era Birthday Party and back and forth and back and forth.
Of course, this being my beloved Hank, I've only just barely warmed up to Pink City's rendition. Honestly, I wasn't digging it at first. Of course, that's probably because I was being a dolt and listening on shitty laptop speakers.
So while you ought to go give Wrung a listen, please be sure to at least play the record through real adult speakers with real low end to them. Otherwise you're going to miss out on, well, just about everything.

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