24 May, 2011

CaSa006 Deluxe Version Physical Product Project Step 3

So, I'm an idiot.
After spending I don't know how long last week laying out the liner notes for this thing, it dawns on me three beers after I got off the clock: This is an 11" X 8½" page layout here. Four-panel CD booklets (two panels per face) are 24cm X 12cm.
For those of you keeping score at home...

On your official SD&A score cards.
... 11" = 27.94cm and 8½" = 21.59cm. So, now I have to go back and resize things thus throwing the whole layout out of whack after all that work. And by "all that work" I mean "sizing the text down to 7.5pts".
At first, it seems easy enough. Let's start with the sides. We know we have to knock 27.94cm down to 24cm.
- 24.00cm
Since we have margins on both the left and right sides, we need to split this difference in half.
÷ 2
It turns out that, in centimeters, the margins on the left and right on a horizontally laid out page are each 2.54cm, .57cm less on each side. Simple enough, just go into page layout or setup or whatever and change the margins to 1.97cm. OK.
Now, we get to fuck with the top and bottom margins. We have to knock 21.59cm down to 12cm.
- 12.00cm
And then split that difference, like last time, to set our margins to give us our 12cm workspace.
÷ 2
With that, we pop into page setup and switch 3.175cm for 4.795cm. Easy peasy.
The next part is going to be a bit more rough. What was going to be a two page insert is now, thanks to the new measurements, an eight page booklet. And since I type like other people, that is to say in a linear narrative order, the pages are laid out in ascending sequential order, like so:
This may look well and good to you but imagine opening this thing up. Can you see it? The first page would be Page 2. So now this has to be rearranged so Page 1 comes in first and, spatially or tangibly or whathaveya, Page 2 comes on the back (That's what she said.) with Page 8 coming on the back of the entire booklet.
Which arranges things like this →
This brings us to our next obstacle. Notice now that Page 3 is on the other side of Page 8 and that we'd be turning from Page 2 to Page 5; it wasn't as simple as moving Page 8 to the first in the sequence. I know this next part looks messy but bear with me.
The top four squares represent both sides of a single sheet of paper (as do the bottom four) with the top two representing the outside and the bottom two representing the inside. The GREEN LINES represent the page pairings as they have to orientated with each other. In this instance, Pages 1 and 2 and Pages 7 and 8 have to be on opposite sides from one another. The RED LINES indicate how we're going to swap the pages. Notice how we're not moving Page 3 to Page 7's place.
When you get to the center of the booklet, Pages 4 and 5 will have to face each other, so for this, we simply bump the down to the last row and Page 6 goes up to the top left panel for this sheet face Page 7. Page 3 is on the top right to face Page 2.
The resulting page order should look like this:
Now, if you excuse me, I have some reconnoitering to do.

ADDENDUM: Here's a rough print on plain ol' office paper. I have to get the semi-glossy stuff so it won't look ghetto.

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