29 May, 2011

Adventures in Bike Repair!

After a hardy bout of ten miles today, I stopped into the Black Forest for my usual two beers while I worked over the sketch pad (which I may or may not post later as it's kind of NSFW). Upon exiting, I unlocked my bike from the light post and proceeded east on 26th - a west bound one-way - as there was no traffic. Five yards out, I lost my left pedal; it simply snapped off.
Wouldn't you know it? It's after I turn around and grab my pedal off the asphalt that traffic picks up and, all of a sudden, I'm ducking traffic.
I got home and grabbed my tools only to find myself stymied by the dilemma. I snapped the pedal back on and decided to weld the crack with my Zippo - Zippos! They Do All Kinds of Useful Shit! - and then apply gaffer's tape around the interior of the pedal. All the while, a small handful of wedding goers watched me and made little cracks about my efforts, all the while unaware that I was two steps away from tolchocking each of them with my ratchet.
After I applied the tape, I squirted some Zippo fluid over the pedal and melted the entire apparatus together. After recalibrating the brakes yesterday and the gears this morning, the pedal falling off was the last thing I could've thought would happen. We'll see how long this fix lasts.

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