02 October, 2010

Yeah, it's pretty early.

I've got some time to kill before recording. I've got time to kill before Aldi opens up. I've got half of an open Stella Artois in the fridge that needs to be taken care of.
It's gonna be one of those days, my little illiterati.
Fire up the coffee maker.
Fire up the cigarette.
Woke with a start at twenty to five to the sound of Misfits' "Bullet" coming out of the stereo, held a piss until twenty after - the body is capable of miraculous things - realized that it was just time to throw in the towel, force myself to movement, and begin the day.
Hot shower. Think about my birthday coming up. Think about how I'd like to get laid. Think about recording. Realize I'd never finalized the lyrics on the upcoming one. I've been recording them in the order that I've been writing them after all. Can't just skip to the next one, that'd be cheating.
Jesus tits, I need a good lay.
Dry off.
Run through the list of eateries I've indulged in while waiting for an appropriate day to go grocery shopping.
Leaning Tower.
Bryant Lake.
Christ. Need to get on the bike. High of 57°F. No good there. Well, maybe. You can tell it's Autumn, though. Still dark out.
Here, take a look at this Wikipedia page for not the person you think it is. I can't be arsed to do it at the moment.
Check the stats. One Swede reads some of the new slogans ten minutes ago.
This post needs a graphic. Should I go with one of my favorite subjects? Naked women playing guitars? Or should I go with a picture that sums up how I feel right now?
Let's go with the latter.

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