02 October, 2010

Today's Tracking Session.

CaSa013-FF0000-1: "The Mediterranean" (working title)

Drum Kit/Program
This one is kind of a rush job. If you know your hexadecimals, you'll be able to tell what color this one is going to be; I picked it just now because I needed a serial number and said, Fuck it. Red. There we go. I still have to title it and do the vocals; pick the B-Side out, too. I think I may use one of the outtakes from Explorations in low-fidelity.
Bass was done in one take, no muss, no fuss. Guitar took three and a half (for a punch in in the one part I kept fucking up). Pulled up a rough mix to get things going. Bass needed to be boosted and compressed some. Guitar is loud as fuck. This one sounds like a song Scot T would be into. Shit, I almost feel like I should email it to him when I'm finished and just let his band have it. So far, though, the first part comes across a little Catherine Wheel-ish and I don't know if he's into them. You remember the Catherine Wheel, right? Because this one is kind of like that. Only if Dave Grohl was drumming. Because that's how I program drums. Like the way Dave Grohl plays.
So basically, what we have is a minute and a half of a drum machine mimicking Dave Grohl in a song that starts out sounding like Catherine Wheel and ends sounding like what I perceive is a rip off of Scot T's band which I haven't heard in ages.
Obviously, the next one is going to be eight minutes of droning mind-fuckery.

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