03 October, 2010

Today's Mixing Session

CaSa013-FF0000-1: "Mistaken Identities"
Same as ever with the drums, so fuck 'em. Here we go.

LevelPanEQ/FilterDynamicTime-BasedIssues / Notes
AT: 2230
WE: 0100
12dB/8ve HP @ 50Hz
Threshold: -8dB
Ratio: 4:1
Knee: Soft
Attack: 5ms
Release: 195ms
Gain: +4dB

Little thick, needed to give the kick drum some space. And then there's also the minimal use of the low E string, so I'm not in dire need of anything below 50Hz, really.
WE: -2dB
AT: 0130
WE: 2300

Almost overwhelming. The signal was far too quiet with the Audio-Technica's preamp set at "4" (out of ten) and "4 1/2" seemed to blow the shit out of everything. Must keep an eye on this.

Compressor 1:
Threshold: -8dB
Ratio: 4:1
Knee: Soft
Attack: 11ms
Release: 389ms
Gain: +4dB

Compressor 2:
Threshold: -8dB
Ratio: 20:1
Knee: Soft
Attack: 25ms
Release: 775ms
Gain: +3dB
Sent to 60ms slapback delay @ -14dB
The compressors are automated to "trade with" each other. Compressor one is employed during the first and third sections of the song, compressor two is employed during the second.
CaSa013-FF0000: Yubitsume (Seventh Transgression)
CaSa013-FF0000-1: "Mistaken identities"
CaSa013-FF0000-2: "A proper burial"

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