02 October, 2010

I just saw Fred Frith play at the Love Power Church!!!

Big ups to Tiger Gang Tony. He texted me at 1120CDT but I didn't get the message until about 1800CDT.
That show was off the hook.
The problem, though, from a reporting stand point, is that it's all improvisational and therefore I can not tell you he did song X from record Y. Nonetheless, it was amazing. Fred built walls of sound that mimicked drums, church bells, and computer bleeps. I wish I had more to say, really.
After the show, I got back home and ran into River Dan. River Dan is this cool old cat planning on kayaking down the Mississippi to New Orleans (in the middle of Autumn) who gets shit faced on two tall boys of 3.2% Budweiser. He told me drunkenly about how he was about twenty yards from the stage when Hendrix went on at Woodstock. Drunk he may be, his slurred story was too good for me to go desecrating it with a couple of Google searches.
Anyhow, please enjoy my shitty photography of tonight's awesometastic show. I would've gotten more but I was too busy enjoying myself.
Click any of them to enlarge.

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