13 September, 2010

Yesterday's Mixing Session

CaSa013-FF7F00-1: "They can't all be winners"
The drums are pretty much the same every time, or at least I didn't do anything fancy-pants with 'em this time, and I already posted today, and I worked this weekend, and my neck and back are sore, so skip it. The only thing I had to do outside of my usual (laughable) methods were suck out everything from 100Hz down on the bass and guitar as things were too cluttered down there, then I boosted 500Hz and 1.5kHz on the kick drum by 3dB with a 75%Q bell to get it to come through a little more. Also, the bass and guitar were recorded prior to installing the new audio driver. Fair amount of hiss on the WE track.

LevelPanEQ/FilterDynamicTime-BasedIssues / Notes
AT: 2230
WE: 0100
AT & WE: 12dB/8ve HP @ 100Hz
WE: -18dB 75%Q HS @ 5kHz

JaguarAT: -2dB
WE: -8dB
AT: 0130
WE: 2300
AT & WE: 12dB/8ve HP @ 100Hz
WE: -18dB 75%Q HS @ 8kHz


New audio driver with different gain structure, vocal came out loud distorted, sounded alright though, so fuck it.

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