21 September, 2010

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it was without recognition. She only regarded him as on
E offered, after all, and, with the carelessness of confidence,
stooped to cast off the remaining line. The next instant a nervous
shove from behind sent him headforemost
into the lake. Just then there came a rush of feet, and as Peveril,
half-choked by his sudden bath in the icy water, rose to the surface
and attempted to regain the bank he was seized by half a dozen pair
of brawny hands belonging to as many wild-looking men who had been
summoned from beyond the ridge. In another minute
the young wrecker was lying
in the bottom of his own skiff, and it was being towed out to sea by
a second boat manned by two lusty foreigners. In its stern-sheets sat
the old man holding a cocked revolver, from which he threatened to
put a bullet
through Peveril's head if he lifted it above the gunwale. Under the
the latter, though raging at his sudden discomfiture,
deemed it best to lie still and await, with what patience he might,
the result of his misadventure. So he was towed for a long distance,
and when his skiff finally seemed
to have lost motion and be drifting, he ventured to lift his head.
he could see over the side there came the sharp report of a pistol,

a bullet whistled close above him, and he was ordered to remain
quiet until he received permission to sit up. Peveril obeyed, and for
nearly half an hour longer lay motionless. Then his craft struck
and he sprang up in alarm. He was alone, and his skiff was bumping

a black ledge that he recognized as the one l

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