29 September, 2010

We're looking at another double shift.

Tonight's triple feature? The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trilogy. That's right. Even the third one. Why? Because I got fucking hella tanked last night and remembered that I once was a child. A child that loved Ninja Turtles. A child that knew that despite Mikey being my favorite, you had to use Donny if you wanted a weapon with the longest reach and make the most efficient damage.

Pictured: How I spent my time before I learned how to masturbate.
Otherwise, I'm going to have fuck all to do today. I can't really think of anything entertaining to do. You know what I did yesterday? I organized the "archives". Every CD-R, DVD-R, four track cassette... Hey, I bet there are a few KRAKOA four track cassettes in that big assed box of cassettes. I bet I could do that: Bring up the cassettes box and the archive box and sort through all that shit.

Pictured: How I spent my time before how I learned how to record.
And after.
And this is the picture I wanted to use.
Otherwise, I've got nothing. What do you want? I gave you a long assed review yesterday. Now I just have to get around to reviewing T.I.T.S. and we're good, boo. I think. What were all the records I have to review? I know I have to review that comp I got from Hydrahead and then I'm pretty sure I never reviewed Raumpatrouille. I believe I said at one point in the last few weeks that I still have to review Disappearer but I recently realized I already did.
Well, how about we take a look at the office inbox?
Tatoes, peas, canned tomatoes, red currant jelly, fig preserve,
canned nectarines,
cream puffs, grape pie, lemon pie, plain cake, and frosted cake; and we
had coffee, chocolate, and milk to drink. I did want her to make out a
good meal, because I thought she never cooked much at home. Well, what
do you think? I could not get her to eat any meat. 'Why,' I said, 'I
would starve if I did not have meat two or three times a day with my
meals.' She said she had not eaten meat for seventeen years, and was
much better without it. She just ate a little potatoes, one egg, some
nectarines, bread and

butter, and drank a little milk. I told her she must try my cream puffs
if she would not eat any cake or pie. At last I did get her to eat a
cream puff. That woman don't eat much more than

would keep a mouse alive, and yet she is so hearty and well. I told her
as she ate so little, Dan and I would have to make up for her. And we
for we ate as if it

were a Thanksgiving dinner. Dan and I say it is our religion
not to die in debt to our stomachs. After dinner I felt more like sleep
than anything else, and I said, 'Mrs. Lenair, let you and me take a
nap.' That seemed to please her, so she laid down on the lo
Now, if you excuse me, I have some cassettes to sort through. And masturbate.

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