25 September, 2010

Well, I've got about forty minutes to kill.

Covering an hour for Janis and then Georgie shows up; got about forty minutes or so left.
Anyhow, spent the morning programming drums which I'm sure is fascinating for you to read about. In the second song I worked on this morning, I needed the drums to have a particular sound. Something lighter, jazzier. At 120BPM, I was programming pretty sparingly, playing more with space and little snare flams, going easy on the velocity of each drum hit. There was still something I wasn't quite into about it, so I figured it couldn't hurt to mono the kit and run it into the four track. I played each looped sequence long enough to adjust the level so that the drum program would just barely kiss +3dB on the PPM to ensure a hint of tape saturation. I then ran the tape back into the computer and adjusted the level to leave me some head room.
The drums coming back off the tape have a considerable amount of high end definition rolled off though they are 5dB louder than the straight drum program and the dynamic range is 11dB narrower. There's also the issue of tape drift, which throws things (only a few) milliseconds out of sync. I think after I get done with my bike ride, I'll see how much more fun I can have with these.

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