29 September, 2010

Well, I'm on another dating site.

Why? Because I figure it's going to yield some laughs. It's called PunkMatch.com, so you know there will be laughs aplenty. Beginning with our first one...
So distracted was I by Legal Red Riding Hood up there that I hardly noticed this happy horseshit:

Well, it's effective marketing if nothing else.
And because I don't take this shit seriously, when they ask me about my ideal soulmate, I click a few boxes that make sense to me to click (after all, I don't take it seriously but if there's even the most remote opportunity for me to score some snabble, hey...) and then they want me to type in my own words.
Typing in my own words.
You've been here before; you know how this is going to go.
It shouldn't be too hard to guess which are the boxes I clicked and which one is the one I typed in...

What? I've got a big love! I need an appropriately sized ass to handle it.
Of course, every time I turn around, it's asking me for my credit card information so I can upgrade my membership. I'm not paying for a laugh. Fuck that.
Let's see how much mileage we can get out of this.

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