04 September, 2010

This Morning's Tracking Sessions

CaSa013-FF7F00-1, "They can't all be winners"

I tracked the vocal to CaSa013-FF7F00 before going grocery shopping this morning. Noiseless and got it done in one take but I had to do two more because of an equipment malfunction during the first take and some stammering and sputtering on my part in the second. It was titled "33 crab miners" initially, since I was waking up one morning with the news on and I grossly misheard the story about the Chilean miners. I wondered what the hell a crab miner was and figured it was brain coming to, playing tricks on me.
Sort of.
Then I went grocery shopping.
Came back and...
CaSa013-FFFF00-1, "If I ask twice"

Drum Kit/Program
Pretty simple, actually. With the new audio driver, I had to readjust my preamp levels and keep a constant eye on the tape machine's meters to make sure I wasn't pushing it into the red and ensure that I had left myself a good deal of headroom - ideally I'd like at least from 4dB to 6dB left to really push things if needed. Thought briefly about double tracking the guitar; breaking out the Duo-Sonic but, lately, the songs have been so dependent on the interplay between the guitar and bass that another guitar would clutter things up. Also, the guitar is ring modulated to the pitch of D♭, so hitting the A♭ flat string makes the guitar sound a bit like it's tuned to drop-D♭. Another guitar would be too much clutter. As it stands, though, this one sounds like what would happen if Sleep covered the Blade Runner soundtrack.

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