19 September, 2010

This Morning's Mixing Session

Again, since the drums are essentially mixed the same, I'm going to skip detailing them. The only thing really special about them are the triplet rolls I programmed in and that at some points I had to boost the tom levels to get that ├╝ber-nifty "Hot For Teacher" tom-tom-motor thing that Alex Van Halen pulls off in that song.
And fuck you, that's a great drum intro. Probably even better than "When the Levee Breaks". And that's the first time in 2010 that I've referenced "When the Levee Breaks, so count your lucky stars.

LevelPanEQ/FilterDynamicTime-BasedIssues / Notes
BassAT: +6dB
WE: +3dB
AT: 2230
WE: 0100

Noiseless for fucking once.
JaguarAT: 0dB
WE: -3dB
AT: 0130
WE: 2300

Bi-amped (as always); one line was fed through the ring modulator pitched to the key of the song, yielding a dropped-D sound on the guitar.
12dB/8ve HP @ 100Hz
50%Q Bell +1.5dB @ 5kHz
Gain: 10 (out of 100)
Peak Reduction: 50 (out of 100)
Sent to 166.7ms, 50% feedback delay brought in @ -12dB
Also ran another signal through a ring modulator pitched to the key of the song yielding a vocoder effect. But it was kind of iffy, so I scrapped it.
CaSa013-FFFF00: Yubitsume (Sixth Transgression)
CaSa013-FFFF00-1: "If I have to ask twice"
CaSa013-FFFF00-2: (A version of) "The art of Chinese Kite Building" (that has absolutely nothing to do with the one on 5 songs.)

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