24 September, 2010

There probably won't be another Yubitsume this week...

It's not the world's hardest thing to do to write and record one song per week, pair it up with an old song, slap on some snazzy art and call it a single but you gotta understand that I just put out six of these things immediately after an EP. Granted, I had been working on that EP since January (needed a new computer, needed a place to record, oh, and I needed to write songs; having songs would help), but I'm confronted with my home environment being my work environment.
As it happens, the weekend that I'll be working on wrapping up writing two songs and drum programming (the not-loud parts) is the weekend that there are tenants in the dorm above me.
As it stands, "side A" of Yubitsume is complete.
"I went looking..."
"Waking sleepwalkers"
(From Days without eating sessions)
"The weak willed"
"The somniloquist"
(From right before the I hear movements in the boudoir sessions.)
"Bloody fingers"
"Benefits package"
(Recorded between Days without eating and Explorations in low-fidelity.)
"The destroyer moth"
"A sidewalk scene"
(From Explorations in low-fidelity sessions.)
"They can't all be winners"
"The fundamentals of math and science"
(Early recording test at 2215 2nd Ave S.)
"If I have to ask twice"
"The art of Chinese kite building"
(From between I hear movements in the boudoir and 5 songs, has nothing to do with the song of the same title on 5 songs. Seriously, it's probably not even in the same key.)

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