03 September, 2010

OK, we're using Chrome now.

You know Firefox was using half a gig of RAM? Half a goddamned gig of RAM! We're talking 512MB, motherfucker, and running my physical memory to 77%! What the hell does it need all that for? It doesn't. It damned well doesn't.
Some prick jack off fuck wit just tried to check in right now. I kindly informed him that check in wasn't until 1300. He asked if I could hold his luggage and I told him it was ten bucks to which he exclaimed, "That's so much! [laughs] Why is it so much?"
I stared at him blankly.
Indicating his backpack and speaking in broken English: "You tell me that it ten dollars to hold just this?"
"But it so hard to go to museum with this!"
"Why can't you just hold it!?"
I think: Motherfucker. Get off of my porch. Get off of my porch. Get off of my porch now.
I say: It's not up for haggling, man.
Indicating his backpack again: "Ten dollar for just this!"
Look, you have to decide whether it's worth it to you or not. It's that simple.
"That's so much!"
Look, check in is in two and a half hours.
Resigning himself to his fate: "OK."
I close the door.
I'm going shit on your mother's forehead while singing the theme to "Oklahoma!" right in front of you, you over-inflated sense of entitlement havin' prick. Jesus.
ANYway, remember how this used to be a music blog? Cripes. I swear, I'll find something musical to write about today.
Oh! How about this? Today, the original bassist from KRAKOA turns 23. I think. That's right, it's Contributing Author Joe's birthday. Wish him a happiest one in the comments. Then go illegally download his music.

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