22 September, 2010


So I've been keeping an eye on the stats around here, keeping an eye on our traffic sources and whatnot, and I've noticed that there is one consistently used search term used to locate SD&A: "schnoodle". In fact, since 1000CDT yesterday, the word "schnoodle" has directed search traffic to SD&A thirty four times. Since 1000CDT on the fifteenth of this month, basically since last Wednesday, it has directed search traffic here one hundred sixty one times. This has resulted in "It's Friday: Let's Piss Off Marvel Comics" being viewed one hundred five times since 1000CDT yesterday, six hundred twenty times since last Wednesday, seven hundred fifty six times since August twenty third, and nine hundred forty three times since May.
That's right, the post that goes from the Abominable Snowman to laughing gas porn is my most popular post ever thanks to this little guy:

Himalayan folklore, superheroines, obscure fetishes... they're all unified by this little guy.
You know what comes in second place? "If BBC4's Shameless were brought to the U.S.", written four days earlier, with one hundred fifty eight views since May. Really. This is what we're known for around here.
I suppose there are worse things.

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