11 September, 2010

I probably won't get any recording done today.

Firstly, I'm covering for Janis, working a nine-to-two.
Secondly, I'll be cashing my paycheck today. That takes time. Especially since it means standing in a line of ne'er-do-wells to interact with an apathetic malcontent who can't hear a fucking thing I say behind the bulletproof glass.
Thirdly, I knicked myself something fierce trimming up the ol' undercarriage. Actually, that doesn't prevent me from recording, I thought I'd just throw that out there.
Fourthly, I'm going to the kielbasa festival. You'll note the graphic to the left, I'm sure.
Don't fret though, there will still be a new Yubitsume out tomorrow. Then there will be one more after that and "side one" will be done, a short break and then back at it.

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