19 September, 2010

I am completely out of shape, but I think I'm going to do this.

I believe this is doable.
The only problem - OK, problems involved are that A) I'm required to wear a helmet and helmets are a sucker's game, B) it's US$25 to sign up, C) I need to raise a minimum of US$250 on top of that, and D) ... OK, so I'm having a hard time coming up with D right now. I just did the distance around Lake Calhoun plus the two miles there and two miles back. My legs are jellied egg yolks right now, OK?
And my heart! Oh! my heart! For it is broken! So many lovely lady joggers who refuse to acknowledge my existence. C'est la vie.
Other than that, went to the Wedge Co-Op with Janis last night. That place is tight. Check out the receipt. Yeah, pretty pricy but look at the very bottom; they tell you how much of your purchase is local and how much is organic.

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