30 September, 2010

How do we end September?

This month had 63 posts, including this one, bringing us back up to 2.1 posts per day. So how did we spend this month of ignoring the office phone, obsessively monitoring web traffic, seemingly doing a face plant every time I talked to a woman, sloganeering, recording, biking, and Febrezing?
Number of posts: 63
Posts per day: 2.1
Number of posts that were musically related: 37 (59% of total, once every 29 hours)
Number of musically related posts that were about recording: 5 (8% of total, once every week)
Number of musically related posts that were record reviews: 2 (3% of total, once every two weeks)
Longest post: Foreign women, ethnic cuisine, and the filthiest word in the English language. (1365 words)
Shortest post: The new Rage in Bowling Green's music scene. (6 words)
Number of authors that have now rocked that look at some point in their lives: 3 (100%)
Number of authors that rocked that look for an extended period of time: 1 (like way back in the day)
So it was kind of bizarre when this author saw that, right? No.
Number of Bizarre Coincidences documented: 3 (5% of total, once every week and a half)
So it was kind of bizarre that there were the same number of authors rocking the big cuff as there were bizarre coincidences, right? That's a bit of a stretch.
Amount of a stretch that is, expressed by using Hooke's law: Like, a fucking bunch.
Chances that the author was going to actually use Hooke's law to put a number in the above space until he saw the formula, not because it looked hard but because there's no way to quantify a joke: 50/50
You know what turns 50 today? The Flintstones
Can we make that musically related somehow? You bet your ass.
Number of things you don't know about them: 15
Number of wacky Bedrock inventions: 10
Amount of leaps we're about to take from one subject to another one without relating them to each other: 1
Fascinating new NSFW video:

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