01 September, 2010

How do we begin September? By working a double shift.

First of all, my man Steve's band, BLACKS, was featured in yesterday's Encore. Check it out. You can also listen to BLACKS while you marvel not so much at a band getting a write up before they even play their first show but more that I was able to punch up the html to do the BLACKS logo. You're welcome, Steve.
As far as what I'm up to, I'm cleaning off the hard drive because it's just time to do that. No real reason, just need to pare things down, just have the essentials. So... ♩ Who wants my porn!? ♩ I gotta get rid of that shit. Well, I mean it's not shit, you get me. Now, I'll be keeping A Clockwork Orgy, but y'all can have my various - NSFW - Lisa Anns - NSFW - and - NSFW - Asia Carreras - NSFW - because how much pornography do I need, really?
Well, all of it, really.
So, remember the kid from Oxford that got mugged? Well, so disgusted (I'm assuming) was he with the U.S. that he straight up just left and left his bike here as a donation to the hostel. Well, we can't have no "hostel bike", people would borrow that shit and never return it. So Daddy Charlie got himself a bike. Took about thirty minutes (I told Adam forty five on the phone last night, that was an exaggeration) to adjust, test, and readjust the brakes on the thing (how the kid ever stopped, I don't know) and then adjust the seat so that it didn't jam my taint every time I hit a pebble, after that I was off and running. In fact, Janis and I are "bike buddies" now, she took me down the greenway to Bryant Lake Bowl last night. About four miles round trip, haven't been on a bicycle in years, so now my ass and my knees hurt. And not from my usual activities, either.

"Beat me to it."
You thought you were going to get a jab in on Daddy Charlie, didn't you? You best recognize that I rule the self deprecation roost.
Oh, and speaking of last night, you gotta check this out. You know those Tombstone mini-pizzas? You get like a sack of six for six beans at Target? Yeah, next time you make burgers, use those instead of buns. I got the idea from This Is Why You're Fat, as it's pretty much the only halfway appetizing looking thing they've ever posted. It's not bad but you're super full afterward. And I don't know how your guts are but I've been pooping all morning. Jus' sayin'.
And, yeah, I should probably get around to doing a few record reviews. Like I said I was going to yesterday. In the meantime, I have some .zip folders I have to send out, clear off this fucking hard drive.

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