09 September, 2010

GodDAMN, I love my bike!

I biked 4.86 miles yesterday on the Greenway from my entrance at Nicollet to the Mississippi River and back. I'd gotten off the clock at 1300CDT (No double shift...) because I'm covering for Janis this weekend (... but my weekend's shot.) while she's in St. Louis.

St. Louis: Even the statues piss in the fountains!
So this was my jaunt east and this weekend I look to take the Greenway west to the lakes. You can check out the map here. The coolest part was this bridge, the Martin Olav Sabo Bridge that crosses Hiawatha. John Weeks's website has some excellent shots of the bridge that you should really check out. Of course, when you first see the thing, you know, in front of you right the fuck there, it looks like you almost shouldn't ride on it. It's got to be an art installation, right? There's no fucking way that thing is architecturally sound. Then you get closer to it and think, "That thing's pretty fucking high, man." Then you look to your right and see all the whiny pussies waiting at the crosswalk and the crosswalk at Hiawatha? That's a long fucking wait. Fuck it. We're taking the bridge.
Now I'm out of shape like a son of a bitch but I powered up the steep incline on the western side of the bridge - actually, both ends have a comparable incline but the climb is longer on the western side than on the eastern one.
I made it to West River Parkway and turned around, no sooner had I gotten up the entrance ramp then I thought about throwing in the towel and walking the bike back.
Fuck that shit.
I aint no quitter.

Case in point.
By the time I got back, I could walk about as well as a Catholic school girl after blowing a varsity football team.
Get it?
Because she's on her knees, see?
So, like they're warn out and -
Alright, fuck it then.
But, yeah, Sunday, I'll see the lakes. And Saturday? Saturday is kind of spoken for. Because I'm going up to Nordeast (over this bridge) to go to...

And cue Beethoven's "Ode to Joy".
That's right! US$10 to get in the door, get a commemorative beer stein, and a beer and then I have the oh! so arduous task of selecting what kind of kielbasa I want to eat from a Ukrainian deli. It's going to be so on, brother, so on.

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