15 September, 2010

Bizarre Conspiracy of the Day

Open Microsoft Word or Word Pad or whatever. You got Open Office? It'll probably work in that, too. You use some Mac bullshit? I bet it has some sweet apps. But go into your typing thingamajigger, select Wingdings for your type face, and type "NYC". Then come back and try to convince me that that isn't fucked up. While you do that, I'm going to check out this video that came out three years ago that I found out about only yesterday.
In work related news, Chile has a hostel... in Antarctica. According to the entry for Villa Las Estrellas at the bastion of infallible knowledge that is Wikipedia, it can hold a maximum of twenty people. That's more or less forty percent of our maximum occupancy. According to an archived page from edenvalleychurch.net, that thing is run by the Chilean Air Force. I don't know which is more of a deterrent: That it's a military run hostel - and don't bullshit a bullshitter; when it's civilian, it's a dorm, when it's the military, it's a barracks - or that, despite probably being in the warmest part of Antarctica, north of the Antarctic Circle, it's still in fucking Antarctica where it's balls fucking cold all the time!!!
In NSFWednesday news, - NSFW - one of my favorite internet strippers - NSFW - finally "went hardcore" a few months back. I gotta admit, I was surprised, I didn't think she would. Also, someone's gotta remind the internet that "hardcore" usually involves full views of penetration, not just the photographer's baby batter magically materializing splattered across a stripper's tits. There's a difference between watching a snuff film and watching an autopsy and this is the same fucking thing.
In what's in the office inbox this morning news, there's more spam poetry:
E, differing only in arrangement. Climate, as well as domestic conditions,
D left for future cleaning. Luncheon
will depend altogether on the habits

of the family, but dinner, at whatever hour that may be, will be the
family symposium. Dressed in its honor, with a sprightly
addition to the conversation of experience or information or
conjecture, there will be form and

ceremony of a simple, refined kind, such that once again
the family may welcome a guest

without anxiety. Good conversation and fresh interests will thus come
into the
In music news, I've got no music news.

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