17 September, 2010

All kinds of madness.

More spam poetry in the office inbox this morning:
lady dies shortly after; the fa
Ows her a tender, confident look which she evades._] But one thing at
a time. Josephine, what occurs to you in this fitful moment? DUCHESS
Life nauseates me so at the
moment that it is difficult to imagine any corner where I would not be
too dizzy with hatred to stand. If you will permit me, I shall return
to my rooms to think. There are some agreeable things scattered through
my rooms that may possibly inspire direction. QUEEN Your sensations,
Josephine, they have always been so much more acute than your emotions.
I wonder if you could not turn with a certain surprising equanimity
from regarding the marble

forms of your

Thanks to EA Forumite LBx for the heads up on what is certainly the lamest music review about one of my favorite bands I've ever witnessed. Be sure to read all the comments at the end of the post, it's a thing of beauty.

And then, in work news, somebody left his Blackberry here. The only contact info we have for him is the phone number... to the Blackberry. Which we have. This damned thing is set to vibrate every time something happens on Facebook and the funniest part I discover is that it's not the guest's phone but one he borrowed from a friend as evidenced by the message "wtf happened to my phone??" that the guest was sent after his return to Canada. I've been watching this thing like a soap opera for two days now. I'm just surprised that he hasn't made the effort to locate it or shut his service off.
Also, the guy has shite taste in music outside of Regina Spektor.

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