18 September, 2010

"Fiesta Red Duo-Sonic" seems like an appropriate title.

I don't know what kind of music y'all are into, I don't know if you dig Hall & Oates - though you really ought to check out the video for "Private Eyes" if only for John Oates's fiesta red Fender Duo-Sonic.

Google Image Search result for "Fiesta Red Fender Duo-Sonic".
ANYhow, the guy who's not John Oates, you know, the Hall half, is Daryl Hall and he has a webseries called Live from Daryl's House. Essentially, you get to go inside Daryl's house and watch him hang out and jam shit out with musicians he likes and watch him make lunch or dinner with friends. So it probably isn't that fascinating for you, it's not even that fascinating for me, but it's kind of a cool idea. I think I'd watch a Live from David's House where you'd see David Yow do shit like this:
The problematic thing is, though, that even if there were a show where I could watch David Yow make lunch and then play some songs with a bunch of friends, I think the format would get pretty stiff. Well, from everything I've heard, Mr. Yow is a fuck of a cook, so I'd probably watch to get some recipes no matter what.
OK and then I'd probably watch to see which songs he'd play with which people and -
Fine, fuck it, I'd bookmark the page and subscribe to the RSS, OK?
So if you're really into Daryl Hall, you'd probably want to do the same with this show.
Damn, I'm struggling for something music related. Tell you what, I have to track some vocals today after I get done with the news, which is just about now.
Remember, I need a fucking day off from this shit, so contribute an article via email for the love of god.
Oh and in the course of hunting the David Yow clip above, I stumbled across this interview with the man from Decibel Magazine about his art show that recently ended.

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