23 August, 2010

Your Weekly Musicians' Ad

Drums + Guitar needed for XXXXXXX XXX XXXXXX Punk Blues Rawk Outfit (South Minneapolis)

Date: 2010-08-18, 10:42PM CDT
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Drummer and guitarist needed to complete XXXXXXX XXX XXXXXX, a primal, ramshackle, punk/blues/psych riff rawk outfit, to perform original material. And a few covers here and there. We are a frontman and bass player, both on the wrong side of 35, both experienced musicians/songwriters, one from London, one from Detroit, looking to put together a loud shitkicking band with an emphasis on immediate attitude and original kickass rather than finesse and fanciful polish. Wait wait wait, what's an "immediate attitude"? But all good. Write a great riff and play it into the ground, with a couple of changes if necessary. This will be a build-a-set-from-scratch project, so songwriters are welcome, as are inspired amateurs. We know that technique alone doesn't make shit tick. Make this your first band or your last. Am I just not awake or was this first paragraph really that fucking daunting?
Influences include all the usual suspects and everything they spawned: Stooges, Uh-huh. Johnny Thunders, Right. Birthday Party, You have my attention. Blues Explosion, Sure. Sex Pistols, Yeah. MC5, OK. Blue Cheer, I'm listening. The Fall, Mm-hmm. Bowie, Right on. Hound Dog Taylor, You know it. Black Sabbath, I hear you. New York Dolls, Of course. Suicide, Why not? the Monks, I feel you. Spacemen 3, Who'd a thunk it? Ramones, I mean, come on. Alice Cooper Band, I was about to say... Richard Hell, If they weren't on the list, that might be an issue. Flim Flam Man, Oh! Totally mandatory. Gary Numan/Tubeway Army, Yes and yes. Cows, Cool. Stones, Now I know what Jesus sounds like. Howlin' Wolf, My man. The Blood Shot, Definitely. Velvet Underground, Why, it's on the syllabus! the Nuggets universe, Howdy. etc., etc. You just named every fucking band ever, there is nothing to be captured by the "etc. etc."; that was the et cetera.
In a guitarist we'd like someone with a solid grip on the rock n roll fundamentals a la Chuck Berry. OK, does everyone have something to hold on to? I have a feeling this is going to be a mind fuck. Hi-octane rock n roll riffs with the up-front confidence and wild abandon of Johnny Thunders and the surefire swagger of Keith. And plenty of demolition-inducing power chords (Townshend). With occasional wiry visceral blasts (Rowland S. Howard). And not afraid of drony psych atmospherics when called for. I think I just felt my asshole fall out.
Drums? Shit aint over yet! Primal punk energy, minimal frills but pocket skills You're a poet and you didn't even know it! (Scott Asheton), combined with the snap and tight-but-limber feel of Stax/Motown's best, with the sweaty sex beats of James Brown's guys. Russell Simins from Blues Explosion is a dude that sticks out for us. Killer fills and kneejerk power. Or just bang 'em home tight like the dude from AC/DC. Blah, blah, blah. All this is just for illustration and suggestion -- we're looking for original musical personality as much as anything. It's like my eyes just liquefied.
We have our own secure space and great PA gear. Rent-free for you! We also have industry connections, Oh SHIT! He did not! if that matters. Reliable and dedicated persons only please. Looking to record and gig regionally and record. If this is the kind of stuff you're into, this is a band you want to be part of.
Check out the (recently created for the sake of this ad) http://www.myspace.com/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for some old demos for an idea. Again, we're open to your creative input, but are pretty much fixed on the kind of sounds mentioned above... All fifty of them. Fender and Gibson and Marshall and Ampeg and Ludwig and Gretsch and lions and tigers and bears types welcome. Leather over tech fabrics. What? 7th St. Entry over The Rock in Maplewood. What? Etc. I'm not sure you know what et cetera means. That kind of vibe. So come and rock our god-damned faces off. I just came. Music samples with responses please!

  • Location: South Minneapolis
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  1. I was too stoner metal for the math rock band, I have a feeling I'm going to be too math rock for the proto-punk band, so no; no more trying to join bands on Craigslist.


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