09 August, 2010

Your Weekly Musicians' Ad

BAND looking for new members. (Minnesota)

Date: 2010-08-06, 5:55PM CDT
Reply to: Xxxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com We have a Yahoo! user! This ought to be good.

My band, Xx Xxxxx, is looking for new members. Oh, I would so lovee to break protocol and tell you their name.
Currently have ME (Xxx) on bass and Xxxxx on guitar.
Our style is Progressive/Hardcore. Is that what the kids are calling emo, now? Progressive hardcore? Listen, I'm going to let you in on something: Real progressive music is shit like Gentle Giant and King Crimson. Real hardcore is bands like Black Flag.
( www.myspace.com/xxxxxxx ) For real, it's a bad band name. Well, no, wait. I take that back. It's actually a functionally perfect band name in that it accurately represents the band and conveys what they sound like. Which sucks.

Looking for drummer WHO KNOWS AND CAN PLAY THAT STYLE. Stop yelling, schnookums.
Guitarist that can do the same. Uh, huh.
A vocalist/screamer. OK, really? I know we see this all the time but I've never gotten used to it. A "screamer"? That's a thing to be in a band?
Oh, this is where it gets good. Umm also looking for a bassist. Keep going. I know i play bass.. but my main is guitar and write this style as well. (been playing for 11 years) For those of you keeping score at home, this band has a guitarist and a guitarist who isn't happy about masquerading as a bassist, as though being a bassist is somehow beneath him. So, basically, two guitarists. Looking for another guitarist. And a bassist and drummer. And a "screamer".
Three guitars.
Honey, I've seen Graves of the Endless Fall. You are no Graves of the Endless Fall.

Also, this guy writes in "guitar style". Pray tell, what is that?

So yah... take a listen to the SAMPLES and write ME back.


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