04 August, 2010

Yesterday's (Re)(Re)Tracking Session

Did what I hope are the last of the vocal sessions yesterday, we'll find out after I throw myself into the headphones in a little while. Of course, headphones are employed just for hiss-hunts and splices. There's very little in the way of volume adjustments, eqs, and pans in there. Occasionally, I'll throw the delays together in there. Anyway, this weekend will be (read "damned well better be") the final mix sessions.
All kinds of fun surrounding the past few days. There was Sunday getting tanked and listening to records with a nerd hot bird (though a certain Black Flag classic was notably absent from the rotation). There was Monday at Pancho's followed by Black Forest with Janis. Then there was flying solo yesterday at the Noodle Bowl where I had, hands down, the best egg roll I've ever had followed by a stop off at Pancho's because, c'mon, twofers on margaritas? Fuck you, it's on. Got back here and wound up drinking on the patio forcing myself to leave my cigarettes alone (and failing) until 0130CDT with Janis, the Suthanah, and the nerd hot bird. Got today, my double shift, set with the latest episodes of The IT Crowd and Louie so I'll have something to watch for the next... thirteen hours twenty minutes. And I just made twenty bucks in tips this morning, so I consider lunch bought. (Actually, I'm hungry right now. Who delivers brunch?)
Oh, and there's also this Suicide Girl looking bird who checked in yesterday with a shoulder full of bat tattoos, so if I need to jack off at some point today - and that's just a given - I have some fodder for the mind's eye.

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