31 August, 2010

Wow. It's Tuesday.

It was Little John's last night last night, so I bought him a six pack since he spotted me once. Fare thee well, ye transient soul.
Speaking of guests leaving, the kid from Oxford catches me opening the office this morning and informs me that he was mugged - at knife point - at six this morning outside of the Greyhound station. He showed me some little blue slip one gets from the police after such things; I didn't inspect it too closely as I had only just unlocked the office and hadn't even set my things down yet. He's now stuck in the States until he can work something out, whatever it is you can work out in these instances, with the British Embassy. I told him we could let him slide on extending by 1100CDT.
Speaking of crimes, my email was hacked yesterday. I spent nine hours running five parallel anti-virus programs and changing the passwords on all of my accounts after sending a mass email to everybody - family, friends, professional acquaintances - explaining that I was hacked. That was fun.
Speaking of fun, I've got to get around to reviewing the following records:
  • T.I.T.S., Throughout the Ages and Second Base
  • McLusky, Do Dallas
  • The Isley Brothers, Go For Your Guns
  • A Vast Amount of Scientific Data, Demo
Speaking of records, I'm about to ditch a handful of records:
  • Rites of Spring, End on End
  • Long Hind Legs, S/T
  • The Young Ginns, S/T
  • Dead Meadow, Feathers and Old Growth
  • Inflatable Boy Clams, S/T
Apropos to nothing, I went to make the coffee this morning only to find some jack ass put a bunch of tea bags in the coffee maker. It'll be kind of hard for them to claim ignorance since it's a clearly branded Mr. Coffee.

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