16 August, 2010

The weekend in summary

  1. Read a lot, about a hundred fifty pages from the end of the entire trilogy, now. When did I get this book again? I can't remember. I'd be done with it sooner if it weren't for getting sucked into pulling all-nighters with some of the guests we've had recently. But, often enough, I've been able to stake my little claim on the porch, away from the patio, two beers by my side, rapidly growing warm and sweating generous drops of condensation in the 90° heat, which is fitting when you consider the atmosphere of the book. Essentially it's about the final days of England's presence in Malaya.
    Speaking of stories of faraway lands...
  2. Avid Reader Dave submitted pictures of various BG OH locales that figure prominently in some of my stories, some of which I'd been regaling the guests with as this place has lately become a little party hut for the weary traveler. Of course my stories got nothing on the Suthanah who's been around the globe a handful of times but, hey, a story's a story.
    Speaking of talking...
  3. Met a lovely young lady from Chicago whom I found did not cause me to stammer or look blindly for something to say. Felt rather comfortable and smitten and now I feel rather sentimental. Like so:

    1,500 coolness points to anyone who can guess the lyric.
    Anyway, I enjoyed her company, alas she lives in Chicago. Huh. But, you know, the weather was nice the day she left and my walk to the grocery store was accompanied by a tingling happiness, just peacefully looking at the cloudless Minneapolis sky line.
    And for those of you wondering. Yes. We did. Get your mind out of the gutter.
    Speaking of gutters...
  4. Found twenty bucks in the gutter downtown. Everybody was standing there staring at it. I'm wondering what the fuck people are staring at, so I look down and it's a twenty.
    People were further shocked when I picked it up and put it in my pocket.
    In fact, last night I had a discussion with a guest about pockets, chiefly what one does with the fifth pocket. That's where I keep my guitar picks.
    Speaking of guitars...
  5. Some hippie-looking ex-Quiet Riot cover band asshole wanted to chat me up about music, specifically so he could tell me all about what the California scene was like back in the 80s because, you know, since we're both guitarists we're automatically going to trade war stories from the trenches. Upon discovering that I like punk rock, he immediately associated me with grunge music (go figure) and proceeded to say: "So you're into grunge, huh? So I imagine that you play, you know, a cigar box with two elastic bands and a tinny little pickup, then?"
    I say: Fender Jaguar.
    I think: Fender Jaguar, which, sure, cost only six hundred when I bought it but now retails for sixteen hundred, that I customized myself with the parts that I wanted to use and reconnoitering the wiring to what I like; so don't think that because I'm into punk rock that I don't give a shit about my instrument. Asshole.
    But, yeah, I say: Fender Jaguar.
    Speaking of my guitar...
  6. Taken with a camera phone, so it kind of has to be a silhouette.
    Recorded way more than I thought I was going to. The newest project is a series of singles, named Yubitsume.
    Each record cover will consist of a silhouette of my hand and the subsequent removal of my fingers in keeping with the Japanese ritualistic practice of yubitsume. The banner across the top of each cover will be identical aside from color. The serial numbers will actually reflect the hexadecimal notation. For example, the first one in the series has the first knuckle of my pinky removed and a navy blue banner, it's serial number is CaSa013-0000C0. The second one will have my pinky cut down to the second knuckle and a green banner; that will be CaSa013-00C000.
    Each single will consist of one new song (on the A side) and one old unreleased song (on the B side). The B-side is a b-side for a reason: Either I didn't think it fit with the other songs or it just wasn't good. So now I have to sift through all that old shit and get things organized, rather than have a whole folder of demo versions and shit or a bunch of folders marked "Unused" in each record's folder. Blah blah blah. Some of it's even pretty good.
    So far there are four new songs written, two of which are recorded.


  1. Where are these Ohio photos you speak of? I'd like to see them.

  2. They're just pictures of places like 307 East that he submitted for me to use illustratively.

  3. Oh, sweet! But nothing I haven't seen before, I take it. That's cool.


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