27 August, 2010

Minneapolis Show Alert! Unsane are playing tonight at Grumpy's Downtown.

And I probably won't go. A little shy on scratch, you see, otherwise I would love to get the fuck out of the house and see Unsane. Who knows? Maybe my paycheck will show up a day early. Not terribly bloody likely, though. And then AmRep fest is tomorrow. Looking at the bill, I couldn't be more overcome with "meh". And, yeah, I know, the Melvins are playing. Look, we've been over this: the Melvins haven't been fun for me since I discovered their Boner Records catalog from before their time on Atlantic Records after I'd heard their Atlantic Records catalog. It's just that way. I even liked the things they did on AmRep after they bounced from Atlantic. I mean, have you heard Prick? It's like trying to read Finnegan's Wake; the shit makes no sense. Yet, I legitimately enjoy that record... from time to time and not, you know, with any regularity but FINE, OK, FUCK YOU I JUST LIKE THE COVER, OK? And, like, three maybe four songs, tops. Seriously, honestly.
Anyway, if you're a fellow Minneapolitan, go check out Unsane tonight. Then tell me how awesome it was.

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