07 August, 2010

Local band says good bye with a great show

Last night, I walked up to Howard’s Club H, in Bowling Green, for a very special and sad occasion. It was the farewell bash for one of my best good friends, and fellow musician, Matt Alexander, of Huron County Creeps, and Hot Love fame. It was and exciting night for all, with friends from back in the day, coming back to B.G. from all over the state for the opportunity to catch the last ever Hot Love show.

By gones were by gones and the past was left aside in order to show this great local band how much they will be missed. Along with Hot Love playing, they were joined by semi-sister band The Dumb Easies (I say “semi-sister” because the two bands are comprised of the same five members, but they play totally different styles of music. Hot Love being a kind of rockabilly, down and dirty rock, while The Dumb Easies are more a 50’s/60’s style pop band. Both bands are equally entertaining and memorable.) regional touring band Life Size Ghost from Lansing, MI. and headlining the night was local, legendary band, The Matt Truman Ego Trip. (Yes, that’s the dude’s real name. How the band name came about is a kinda long story, so I’m not going to get into that now.)

Life Size Ghost played first, and I’ll get back to them in a minute. In the mean time, The Dumb Easies played second, and put on a great show. I really truly enjoy this band and Cory’s voice is incredible. Especially when harmonized with back-ups from singer Ted, and drummer Heather. They have at least three songs on my own personal “must hear at least once a month" list, and their entire bank of songs should be on everyone’s must hear list at least once in your life. In fact, check out the song One More Night and Fading Away. Its really good stuff

Up next was Hot Love playing a set to be remembered. All the oldies and all the goodies were there, written down on the smallest set list possible. For real, it had to be about a 17 song set written down on the back of one of those hand-fliers hippies are always handing out about saving and endangered species or some crap. But it was a remarkably good set for a last show that was capped off with the bands titular track, Hot Love. While I can’t seem to find that particular song on the web, here is their original song Trouble. You can really hear the dirty rock sound that Matt has honed over the years. It’s just The Dumb Easies and Hot Love’s fascination with Danelectro guitars that I will never understand, but hey! If it floats your boat…

Lastly, the Matt Truman Ego Trip finished off the night with a fantastic set, as per the usual, even while having a fill-in for Derek on the drums and missing Eric on the keys entirely. With there blend of classic rock energy, entertaining songs, catchy lyrics and Matt Truman’s ego going over the top, there shows are something that should rarely be missed. They’re just good, old fashioned fun, and their music gives you an energy to where you just want to run laps around the venue. They make you laugh, they make you dance, they make you smile. It sounds really stupid, and they might think I’m a totally idiot for putting it this way, but they are “feel good rock and roll.” At least that’s my take on it. Anyhoo, here is there song Ruined My Life. Try not to be infected by this band.

Now back to the first band of the night, Life Size Ghost. They were all around a pretty good band; a six piece made up of two guitars, bass, drums, keys, and coming from way the hell out of left field, vibraphone. It took me by surprise when I saw it, and I was then blown away by that percussionist’s skills. That kid was vibin’ the hell out of that thing, with at least two songs with dedicated vibe solos. That kid could play. And as much as at first I thought it was a ridiculous addition to a kind of progressive/bordering on whiny rock band, it fit relatively well. Not just a novelty piece with it’s sound sunk way into the back, and not overbearingly in your face. You just got a taste of it hear and there and complimented the band well. Not the most ideal instrument to be dragging around with you on a week long tour like they were on, and just finished up, but whatever. They make it work. They weren’t really my slice of cake, but I have to give credit, as a fellow musician, where credit is due. Keep doing your thing Life Size Ghost. My hat is tipped to you. (Plus, I wanted to bang the lead singer with the keyboard.) Here is a song clip of theirs.

All in all, I was a great farewell party, with music, old and new friends and good times for a local musician that will surely be missed. Go tear that shit up in Arizona, Matt. Enjoy the dry heat.

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