05 August, 2010

It's Dave's Favorite! Spam Poetry! Again.

I'm beginning to think that the spammers don't really even care about spamming anymore. Now all they do is punch in a snappy title, throw some links in the body about the lowest prices on Nigerian Cialis, and attach a few viruses before calling it a day. Sure, some of these are quality titles, man, but I miss the substance. I miss when they put effort into their endeavors. It's like they've sold out, gone to rehab, and came out washed up has beens.
Lesko Waffle: I can let your steer, Freddie." "But I want to steer when w
Masudi Lavesque: Let them go. If the string strikes a duc
Annuzzi Harrisow: f; they were pitched,
Magliulo Sagendorf: Kittens. As they get older, the uniform color is grad
Filonuk Croll: Hout. [Illustration] THE MAN AND
Gonnerman Castro: elf sa
Cabbell Smithj: s more on the liberties o
Landham Straugh: S the same thing, in the dictionary. He will keep you _au

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