29 August, 2010

I think I solved the hiss problem.

You know, it was OK for Century Gothic to have hiss all over it because I kind of wanted it to sound that way in the first place. The first three Yubitsumes are by no means ruined. But, you know, I've had it with the bullshit noise floor issue, with hiss starting around 6kHz and having to sacrifice my high end and definition with low pass filtering (at around 12kHz) (which is fucking ridiculous, really) (Parentheses!). So, considering it was 90°F with blistering ass sun that trapped me inside (it's 1900CDT now and I'm outside typing this), I finally got off my ass and looked into the issue. Not the four-track (which serves as my mic preamp), the cabling is sound, so it must be the 'puter, right?
I plugged a mic directly into the 'puter and set it to listen back to the mic. No hiss coming from the speakers. Well, fuck, what is it? Hit record. No hiss. Played back.
OK OK OK. Check my settings.
Input at 24-bit word length, 192kHz sample rate. Record at 16-bit word length, 96kHz sample rate. Everything is fucking jacked. You can't get any goddamned higher than that. Shit, I can hear the Voice of God at those settings. What the fuck, man? Really.
So I does some research into my audio driver. Common problem it turns out. Great. What the fuck can be done about that? So I keeps reading I does and find that I can download and install the latest audio driver from the same manufacturer that came out this month. Awesome. Download and install that shit, B.
Installed and restarted the computer and BOOM! Noiseless.
Yeah, that's all I have. Expect mind-fuckery to ensue.

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