26 August, 2010

I KNEW I could find something music related today!

Let's see if I bang this out before my shift ends. Quick, what do you get when you cross the first Sonic Youth record with the first Black Sabbath record with Lovecraft references with an Italian horror flick set in an all girls school? T.I.T.S., straight outta San Fran. I think. Much research needs to be done. This is the coolest fucking thing I've heard in months. I've been waiting for this band my entire life. All those other bands I say that about? Fuck them. That was then, this is now. Hyperbolic? Yes. But get ready for more hyperbole: This is the band that will save rock 'n' roll. It is. It just is, man. It just is. Listen to this.
"Strong Arms" from Throughout the Ages

"Math" from Throughout the Ages

"Void" from Second Base

Here they are looking scary as shit.

Here they are sacrificing the audience to the great dreaming goddess of Rock.

I have to find more. I have to find all of it. I have to know everything about this band. I see they play Fenders, though. I now know that.

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