01 August, 2010

How do we begin August? By trying to get motivated.

OK. I have to record the vocals today. At least some. Some.
CaSa012-1: First verse and chorus are written. How hard can it be to come up with the second?
CaSa012-2 & 4: I have ideas but otherwise nothing.
CaSa012-3 & 5: All the lyrics are finished. So now I need to sing them. Great. Point A. Point B. Let's do this.
Of course, this is all provided that the dorm above my quarters is empty. That's been the whole road block this entire time and is going to continue to be the monkey in the wrench until winter when the joint clears out like a junior high kegger after the cops are called. Considering I've been going on about this record for how long now? it's time to fight the power and drop the excuses and just fucking do it.
Or maybe I won't.

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