02 August, 2010

Going over rough mixes with fresh ears.

CaSa012-1: Vocals are fine. But that's about it. Thinking about running them through a distortion, sort of a go to trick I use. Vocal track only so-so? Nothing really wrong with it but it's not really - you know, it's lacking oomph? Fuck it. Distort it. Problem solved.
CaSa012-2: As it stands, the noise floor is generating some his up about 6kHz. If I roll it off with a 12dB/8ve low pass filter @ 3.8kHz, I knock a good chunk of it off, but I can't get rid of all of it. It does make the vocal sit back in the mix more comfortably. I think that after I retake the vocal, I might keep that EQ setting in mind but switch it from a low pass to a high shelf so it won't suck the harmonics and definition out as drastically.
CaSa012-3: Vocals are fairly attractive in this one. Far mic for both guitar and vocal are delayed by 20.83ms or a 1/128th note which gives just enough of a sense of definition without throwing so much space in that it begins to sound a cliché rockabilly slapback echo.
CaSa012-4: I think I'm just going to retake these because I want to change the lyrics in the last half. That's all.
CaSa012-5: I'm not happy with the recording or the performance. The quiet part needs to be performed louder and the loud parts needs to be sung, not screamed. Went it to it a bit hastily, I'm afraid.

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