17 August, 2010

Goddamned Tuesday.

Is this really how it's going to be? On every Tuesday? Jesus tap dancing Christ.
The party scene at the hostel has quieted down; a number of revelers have left, as they were bound too do at some point, like it is with every group of good folks that comes through, and I was able to return to quietly reading my book and drinking my beer outside while it's still summer. There're a few guests still around kicking it but it's how it always is around these parts: You make friendly with somebody and then they have to go; you may not see them again, maybe you will. C'est la vie, right?
So Sunday it was quieter around here than it has been in about two or three weeks and yesterday it was like a tomb. Kind of odd. Not exactly calming or unsettling, just odd. C'est la vie there, too.
But now it is fairly quiet and I read my book, waiting to move on to the next one, in the western sun that creeps over the roof of the brownstone next door and into my covered porch or under my patio umbrella, drinking my shite beer and puffing away on the coffin nails that I promise myself I'll put down at some point. Idyllic, sort of. Not bothering or being bothered. Doesn't get lonely, doesn't get boring.
I think the only time I'm lonely is in bed, anymore, but one gets used to that. Granted brief and infrequent reprieves and sleeping next to a naked body, then returning to the land of dry shorts and fever-dreams. Last night, a fourth-grade version of Johnny Knoxville was doing a frenzied impression of me and claiming that the eighth beat on the floor tom should be omitted because women are confusing and Kentucky. - No, you read that completely right. - Then I ran into the lovely Chicagoan working at a K-Mart where I was going for pipe bomb supplies.
Man, my subconscious is a fucking lunatic sometimes.

Thanks to Avid Reader Dave, we do have something remotely musical to discuss this morning. Justin Bieber slowed down eight hundred times. It sounds like some straight up Vangelis shit off the Blade Runner soundtrack.

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