20 August, 2010

Gassy Foods, Sex Jokes, and French Ballads

You know I woke up at six this morning because I was so gassy? There was a charming Arkansan who showed up out on the patio last night, so the fellas and I took her down to Gang Chen. At one point, as the revelry became rowdier, the Arkansan made an uproarious comment of some sort, I can't remember exactly what, to which I said, I love you. Can I brush your hair?
She replied coquettishly, "Maybe."
This was one of those record-screeches-to-a-stop moments as Little John and the Aussie both shot me knowing cocked eyebrows. Alas, the party ended and we five expats made our gorged and drunken stumble back home to the patio, where she flitted off to her car, came back with a package in her arms and announced to the table that she had to be in bed early for the wedding out of town she was attending tomorrow (that being today). As we said our goodnights around the table and watched her go inside, I believe I said something to the effect of C'est la vie.
Little John said, "Yeah, what happened? I thought you had that locked in."
Eh, you know, she was probably just joking with me right back, you know? I'm not worried about it.
And I'm not, either. For while the Arkansan wore the same shoes as me, so does the fetching Russian.
I've had Brenda Lee stuck in my head for three days and I don't mind a fucking bit.
"I Want To Be Wanted"
"If You Love Me (Really Love Me)"
Now, "If You Love Me (Really Love Me)" is actually based on "Hymne à l'Amour", written by Édith Piaf (lyrics) and Marguerite Monnot (music). Here's Édith performing it:

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