29 August, 2010

Come on, when was the last time I posted about trannies?

Last night, Rich's friend, Christian, brings this cat, Tan Zin? is that how you spell it? anyhow, it was pronounced "Tenzin", over to the back patio and Tenzin immediately launches into this story about how he met someone online and once at the club, couldn't figure out if she was a she if you catch my drift. Tenzin feels it prudent to text Christian throughout the date with all kinds of "I'm not sure about this" messages. Christian, expressing both frustration with the repeated messages and - I've got to admit - fairly sound logic, texts back to Tenzin something along the lines of "If you want to find out, just grab the undercarriage."
Which Tenzin does.
Turned out it was a guy after all.
"I date on internet no more!"
CaSa013-C00000: Yubitsume (Third Transgression)
CaSa013-C00000-1: "Bloody fingers"
CaSa013-C00000-2: "Benefits package"

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