03 August, 2010

After a few roughs...

Just spent some time doing some rough mixing; hunting down and cutting out hiss, doing some volume automation, the occasional deletion of an entire take or just cutting out the best parts of one take and splicing them with the best parts of another... and before any weirdo analog purist out there starts slinging shit about that one, ask yourself, "Why is there a cutting block built into my Studer?"
So, all the odd numbered songs are pretty much done, it's the even numbers that have decided to be a pain in the ass. Thankfully, CaSa012-2 is strictly two punch-ins (another popular analog function, so don't give me shit). CaSa012-4 I think might be a single punch-in. I'd like to get it all done now but there's this little problem called I'm at work right now. Six more hours.
Of work.
And we've had some snotty motherfucking crybabies in here lately. For real, have you ever seen a dozen and a half people with an overinflated sense of entitlement congregated in one place before?
I hate these pricks. Damn.
ANYhoo, while I piss and moan about these malcontent motherfuckers, you can read this article on tape splicing.
I need to get laid.

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