04 August, 2010

After a few roughs... again...

I'm still not quite as happy as I want to be with the vocals in some spots. The hiss issue has been solved, the takes are all proficiently engineered and satisfactorily performed, and they're decent but there's still something that's throwing me off about them.
Maybe - and hear me out on this one - I need to sing the last song like Michael Stipe would sing it... Yeah, I have no idea what that means, either. But I bet that if Michael Stipe sang it that it would be great. Does anybody have his phone number? Call that motherfucker up. Tell him, Hey, Mikey, yeah, what are you doing Saturday? Nothin'? Cool. Let's you and I split us a twelver and you come sing some shit for me. Cool? Whatever, bitch, quit lyin'. You know you aint got shit better to do.
Yeah. That's what I'll tell him.

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